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This is a collection of funny nude things, references to nudity, and a notice of our culture's humorous dealing with social nudity or skinny-dipping in general.

If you have any you'd like to add, please send them along!

Fun MP3 or Wave files

Pinky & The Brain: "Are you pondering what I'm pondering? I think so brain but we are already naked."  .wav

Cartoon Planet "Space Ghost": "Look at me, I'm naked."  .wav



Homer: You're alive! And uuh... buck naked!
Bart: I'm not the only one, home boy!
Homer: What? Oooh.. hehe. Jungle man!  .mp3

Homer: Good news Marge, I've learned to walk naked on stilts.  .mp3

Milhouse: I'm gonna play naked basketball!
Bart: No! You're not.  .mp3

Edna: Some of you may discover a wonderful vocation you'd never even imagined. Others may find out life isn't fair, in spite of your Masters from Bryn Mawr, you might end up a glorified babysitter to a bunch of dead-eyed fourth graders while your husband runs naked on a beach with your marriage counselor!!  .mp3




America's First Family of Clothing Optional Recreation: The Simsons!

Bart: "I'm gonna swim nekkid...I feel the human body is a thing of beauty..."   .mp3

Homer: "I'm all naked and wet"  .wav

Chief Wiggums: "Continue Swimming Naked"  .wav