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We are Jeff and Judy and we'd like to present to you Our Sun Home.  This site is our way of presenting some of the things in life that we have found.  Some of what we've discovered was a result of going through trials and other life challenging situations.  So, poke around Our Sun Home and enjoy!

First off, we've been enjoying clothing optional recreation since 2000.  This was a shock to many who knew us because we came from very conservative backgrounds.  We've since learned that most nudists are very conservative.  Naturism (another word for nudism) has allowed us to meet many wonderful people.  That is one of the reasons why we put up this site, to share with others the joy and wholeness of social nude recreation.

 We live in Desert Hot Springs, California (next to Palm Springs) and have our own private oasis: a hot mineral water, 9 room mini-resort spa that we created.  If you've never experienced the joys of simple social nudity, come and visit us.  We promise you a wonderful vacation.

 Click here to visit our Spa's web site.

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We have learned a lot from naturism and we hope your visit to our site will be educational as well as enjoyable.

Naturally yours,

Jeff and Judy


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If you've come to our web site and you have never known what clothing optional / nudism / naturism is all about we encourage you to read our site, click on the links and learn about naturism -- it is not what you think!  

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